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The structure Apartments Bela Reka is aimed to the people who know to appreciate the life and who demand a certain level of functionality, quality and design. The structure is placed by its lengthen axe in direction north east, and because of its position, size and look, it represents central structure of the center. The main entrance to the center is through the passage of the structure and it is orientated to main approachable road and stop on one side, and to the connection through the structure from inside part of the center and starting station of the cable railway Bela Reka on the other side. General look of the structure with 3 accents (towers) associates on national architecture of this region. Beautiful roof flats with openings on roof and towers associates on neighbor areas and contribute with full fit of the object into the area. The structure will have three separate entrances turned to the main approachable traffic artery.
   Apartment - tourist structure the Apartments Bela Reka is projected as five-floors structure (ground floor + 2 floors +2 attics). Total area of the structure of 6.500 m2 contains 5.000 m2 of housing space, 1.240 m2 of business space.

Ground floor of the structure is booked for various and rich content for resting and relaxation. In the business part there will be, according to the conditions, the central restaurant, coffee bar, game room for children, mini market, ski service, wellness center, rent-a-car and other following contents. Housing part includes the space from I-IV floor with all 174 apartments of various structures and sizes, from the triple apartment of 25m2 size to five-bed apartment with 47 high quality square meters.

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