Apartments Bela Reka - Brzece, Kopaonik  

    The Apartments Bela Reka found their place in the foot of Kopaonik in having the same name tourist centre Bela Reka Brzece, , that is more available and cultivated then the tops. As it can be found on ideal sea level from 1050 m, this tourist centre, accept its own remarkable natural beauties, presents an ideal place for family stay, stay of sportsmen and children as well as the persons with health disorders.
   The structure is located in the central part of the tourist center, with whole of its length follows the traffic route Brzece Blazevo 120 m long. The main entrance to the tourist centre is through the passage of the same structure, and just after the entrance, on the distance of 20m there is starting station of cable railway of Bela Reka, and having the same name a ski slope 3.150 m long. Connection of cable railway of Bela Reka in unique system of cable railways of Kopaonik enable to the skiers, who stay in the foot, to have approach to all ski slopes on Kopaonik. According to master plan of Ministry of economy and regional development it has been predicted a construction of a modern Gondols cable railway on the place of existing cable railway Bela Reka, which would enable very quick, quality and comfortable transportation of more skiers from Brzece to the top of Kopaonik.


 The structure Apartments Bela Reka contains complex, which represents a whole and gives to visitors a complete enjoying visually and also the great offer of contents.

The location of the structure has been chosen because of:
-central position
-remarkable natural beauties
-magnificent views from Apartments
-position of starting station of cable railway Bela Reka, that is future station of Gondola
-excellent approach to the main road with   the bus stops and other contents
-safety investment potential

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